The Ice Cream Lab – Where It's Scientifically Proven to be Delicious! ® At The Ice Cream Lab, you choose from our variety of hand-picked flavors to be hand-crafted right in front of yours eyes! Our lab assistance use our genuine, natural cream to be flash frozen at -600° Fahrenheit right in front of your eyes! Using our flash-freeze technology ensures that you will receive the most naturally creamy ice cream you've ever experienced! At -600°, ice crystals aren't even able to be formed! Leaving you with the most satisfying, thick and creamy ice cream you've ever experienced! It will be a true delight to your taste buds. It's scientifically proven! We also offer rolled ice cream. You choose from our hand-selected variety of flavors – your toppings will be freshly provided as they're mixed together with our genuine, natural cream and rolled right before your eyes! The Ice Cream Lab operates in the heart of beautiful Colorado Springs with eyes towards expansion! Be sure to visit frequently for a location near you!

Anastasia Hope Sziklas. (Founder of The Ice Cream Lab)

Anastasia Sziklas
C.E.O of The Ice Cream Lab

Anastasia Yeager is a local entrepreneur that has been serving the Colorado Springs area for five years. She's been a baker and owned and operated a successful bakery in the Colorado springs area, before becoming the Mad Scientist behind the Ice Cream Lab! She was born and raised in the Southern Colorado area, and Graduated from Coronado High School, class of 2007. Anastasia has always had a passion for business, starting small and working her way up the chain she has always been fascinated with the idea of building her own franchise food chain.

Family business.

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